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Rue Marterey 38

1005 Lausanne


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Our iOS, Android, web development agency is composed of a team of digital experts putting their experience and skills to ensure your online success. Developing a web application, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, TV or embedded device requires expertise in different fields. At Appik Studio we truly understand the issues related to the different industries of new technologies and digital activities and dedicate our know-how to the success of our clients. Our front-end developers use frameworks such as React or NextJS and also know how to program in HTML, CSS, which is what allows them to create unique and truly powerful apps. Our back-end developers are specialized in NodeJS, Python etc. As for our full-stack developers and software engineers, they know exactly how to manage a large-scale application and web project to deliver results of the highest quality and requirement. Our graphic designers are at the forefront of ergonomics and UX to ensure that your application and web platform quickly penetrate their market. Working with Appik's experts is a choice to save time and succeed. And all this for an unbeatable price.